ssulking asked:


Awwwwwww thank you, love xx

mindoverthehorizonofmatter asked:

Hey! question: Have you done bmth- crucify me "I am the ocean, I am the sea, there is a world inside of me" lyrics before? if not, could you please do me a huge favor and write them out? I'm in love with your writing okay, it's so lovely, I want to paint it huge on the back of my bedroom door! (if that's okay with you of course) xxx

You’re so sweet awwwww💙
I would love to do that!
That would be such an honour, aww
I’ll message you when it’s done!

facedown-ep asked:

Ok first of all, your art is on point!!!! Second of all, have you ever thought of putting some of your designs on t shirts because I would be your first customer xxx

Just want you to know that this means a lot to me, love xx
Well I would love to do that.

Actually I’m planning to put my work on Society 6 in the future.
I will let you know how it goes(:

Btw, if there is any quotes or lyrics you like, I’m willing to do the lettering for you! xx

justfangirled asked:

Can you do "we are the fortunate ones, imitations of rebellion" Rebellion - Linkin Park

Of course, love!
I’ll tell you when I’m done(: